A Guide to Understanding What You Should Look for in a Dispensary

High Quality Marijuana
Source: Health Harvard

With the industry expanding at such a fast pace, it is natural to get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a place to get your weed. If you live in a location where the recreational use of pot is legalized, you would probably get hundreds of options. You can, no doubt, get the provision of selecting the place that suits your requirements and preferences but knowing where to start can be tricky. A recent study suggests that the number of dispensaries in the country has crossed 7000 with the sale of recreational weed reaching $7 billion last year. Regardless of your location, choosing the right spot is really important to get a high-quality marijuana experience. Here is a guide that explains the essential qualities you should look out for.

Selection of Products

Getting a varied selection of products is desirable. It is certainly not exciting to select from only a few products. Though having some curated products is not bad, a lack of options can disappoint users interested in different experiences. Dispensaries hosting a variety of cannabis products ranging from edibles to flower to seeds seem to showcase their expertise in the area. This also allows customers to enjoy varying experiences while inviting diverse types of clients.

Attention to Detail

Those places that take extra effort to ensure the comfort of their customers and provide an experience assuring them of their decision are really special. In the past few years, particularly after the legalization of recreational weed in some states, most dispensaries have improved in terms of service, design and experience. There are some places with an innovative design approach depicting the class that seems rare. A little attention to detail can successfully convey the message to customers that they are valued. The first thing is the ambiance that plays a great part in deciding the experience customers get. From the music being played to lighting, the place can set the mood and provide a different type of experience for the visitors. Another important aspect is the layout of the products. They should be logically arranged, easy to locate and showcased in a well-lit case. The last but not the least is the cleanliness of the place and product handling. This makes sure the location adheres to hygiene standards.


One of the most important characteristics of a reputable dispensary is the availability of great staff. They are the people who can affect the experience and say a lot about the location itself. It is really facilitating to be able to trust your budtender for your purchase experience, particularly if you are new to the world of cannabis or look for more guidance for your shopping. The staff should be trained to serve a varied range of customers from disabled to old and be able to make the process simpler. They should be able to recommend the products suitable for their needs and instruct them on the ideal doses.

Competitive Prices

Both offline and online dispensary have been compelled to lower the prices due to the competition in the market. The only way they can ensure profit is by getting the customers returning back to them. This is why they provide their products at competitive prices to benefit their customers. They may offer discounts, deals and promos to lure customers to return. You should understand that quality marijuana can cost a price and you should not run behind cheap prices. You should compare the prices and check that they are not too high or low as compared to others. The best way is to do some research and compare the pricing between locations in your region to ensure you get the best deal and quality.


Reputation really matters and it does not come instantly. The best way to identify if you can trust a dispensary is by checking their reviews online. A lot of platforms on the internet let you read about other people’s experiences with a particular seller. It is really surprising how much this feedback can help you, particularly when you have a lot of options.

These are some of the most desirable characteristics of a dispensary you should check. Looking for these features can help you make the wisest choice for your marijuana experience.